Bachelor Studies "Materials Science"

The bachelor program leads to the Bachelor of Science degree after 6 semesters of study time. It conveys fundamentals of both natural sciences and engineering, including mathematics, experimental physics, chemistry, engineering mechanics, computer science and manufacturing technology, as well as the essentials of materials science with respect to all classes of materials. This program prepares students either for a direct professional career or, thanks to the broad and general education in natural and materials sciences, for further training and education within or outside the academia. The Bachelor of Science degree is also the first stage and an admission requirement for the Master of Science degree education within the "Materials Science and Engineering" program.

Master Studies "Materials Science"

The interdisciplinary Master program is directed at students with a Bachelor degree in Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics and related disciplines. It leads to the Master of Science degree after 4 semesters study. The program offers multifaceted training in the field of advanced materials, covering a broad range of material classes, materials characterization and analysis as well as processing technologies. Our Master students enjoy academically challenging courses, small classes and intensive tutoring, project work as well as the opportunity to participate in research projects of senior staff at an early stage of the program. They acquire solid communication skills and the ability to solve complex problems of material science using their interdisciplinary knowledge. This provides our students with good job opportunities in the field of materials science and technology with jobs in industry, academia or government.

Materials Science at the Uni Jena - Short Description

The study of materials science is teaching in lectures, seminars and practical courses the development, production, characterization and processing of all classes of materials (metals, polymers, ceramics, glasses and composites). The materials science is highly interdisciplinary and is particularly concerned with the investigation of sturcture-property relationships.

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