Welcome to the Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research (OSIM) at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena

The Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research (OSIM) conducts a broad program of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education as well as leading-edge research in materials science. Our investigations focus on relationships between the structure, properties, processing and performance of a wide range of material classes. This knowledge is applied to develop new and improved materials for technological applications, new methods for materials characterization, testing and processing as well as tailored products and components. Although research at OSIM spans a wide range of subjects, investigations can be roughly grouped into the following areas:

  • glass and glass ceramics, optical materials
  • metals and alloys
  • polymers, soft matter
  • biomaterials and biomedical engineering
  • ceramics
  • composite materials
  • surface processing, laser technology

Our institute offers Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree programs in Materials Science and Engineering. The programs are renowned for internationally experienced teaching staff, high quality of education and unreserved personal contact between teachers and students. In particular our program offers:

  • modern courses, which integrate basic science and technology with computer and personal skills development
  • opportunity to participate in research projects of senior staff at an early stage of the program
  • good job opportunities in the fields materials and biomaterials with jobs in industry, academia or government