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Materials - Materials Science

Materials science is an interdisciplinary field which incorporates elements of several scientific disciplines, such as applied physics, chemistry and engineering. It focuses on synthesis, characterization and processing of existing and novel materials. Many of the modern technological challenges that are currently faced by the humanity, for example green energy production and storage, are related to the limitations of existing materials and technologies. Therefore breakthroughs in the field of materials science are expected to have a tremendous impact on the future technologies.

The interdisciplinary bachelor and master program "Materials Science and Technology" at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena is organized by several institutes of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, the Faculty of Chemistry and Geoscience, and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, which are all involved in the education of our students.

Why study Materials Science and Engineering in Jena?

  • high quality of education, renowned and internationally experienced teaching staff
  • modern courses which integrate basic science and technology with computer and personal skill development
  • unreserved personal contact between teachers and students
  • participation in research projects at an early stage of the MSE program
  • development of new skills, study in another country and opportunity to meet new and interesting people
  • opportunity to learn the German language which is spoken by over 100 Mio Europeans
  • student support and guidance
  • good job opportunities in the field of materials science in industry, academics or government
  • research active institute with an extensive range of links to hi-tech industries

Materials Science at the Uni Jena - Photo-Trips

The following links will feed you to some photoshows and they will show you our Institutes and their Rooms, the university of Jena and the green places of the city Jena.

MATWIthe Studies of Materials Science

FSUthe University of Jena

Jenathe City of Jena