Successful dissertations, Master and Bachelor theses
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
Doctoral theses

Anne Böhm
"Self-healing of calcium phosphate cements" (2022)

Christoph Wenisch
"Patterning of zinc oxide thin films by dual beam arrangement utilizing excited-state absorption" (2021)

Clemens Kunz
"Selective production of multifunctional surfaces using laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS)" (2021)

Annemarie Oesterle
"Optical and magnetic properties of rare-earth-doped apatites" (2021)

Sebastian Engel
"Investigations on the polarization behavior of Ferroelectric-semiconductor composites under optical excitation conditions" (2020)

André Krämer
"Preparation of crystalline ZnO thin films using PLD on flexiblen Substrate materials" (2020)

Christian Stötzel
"Magnetic iron oxide and silica-iron oxide nanoparticles prepared by the LAVA method" (2018)

Stefan Flauder
"Preparation of β-tricalcium phosphate scaffolds by ice-templating and elucidation and evaluation of the method" (2016)

Falko Wesarg
"Functionalization of bacterial cellulose" (2013)

Stephan Gräf
"Laser welding with dynamic polarization" (2010)

Master theses

Fuzhi Li
"Slip casting of 2Y-TZP nanoparticles for dental applications" (2023)

Hannes Boden
"Crystallite size control in the production of transparent mullite glass ceramics" (2022)

Felix Neupert
"Additive manufacturing of nanoparticle-based ceramics" (2022)

Miriam Wolff
"Emergence and functional surface properties of laser-induced periodic surface structures on Zr-Cu-Al-based metallic glasses" (2022)

Maik Tienken
"Inkjet printing of P(VDF-TrFE-CTFE) based actuators for use in microfluidic lab-on-chip systems" (2022)

Lisa Vogt
"Characterization of mechanical material properties on thin hard coatings by means of comparative measurements on bulk materials" (2022)

Markus Pöthe
"Process development for the targeted prelithiation of battery materials by means of lithium fusion coating" (2022)

Kevin Lubig
"Aging behavior of laser-induced periodic surface structures on stainless steel" (2022)

Oliver Dubnack
"Fabrication of SrTiO3 thin films by laser beam evaporation (PLD)" (2021)

Philipp Hornig
"Preparation of SrTiO3 nanoparticles by laser vaporization (LAVA)" (2021)

Julia Wichmann
"Preparation of ceria-stabilized zirconia nanoparticles by CoLAVA process" (2019)

Lucas Schöler
"Investigation of the tribological behavior of ZnO-NW / PVDF-TrFE composites" (2019)

Felix Weber
"Selective structuring of Ag-Si surfaces by fs-laser and analysis of wetting behavior" (2019)

Björn Naumann
"Temperature-dependent wetting behavior of laser-structured material surfaces" (2017)

Florian Baumgardt
"Development of damage-tolerant SiC/SiC and C/SiC composites by using Si-B alloys in the LSI process" (2017)

Jan Schröder
"Piezoelectric properties of ZnO under hydrostatic pressure" (2016)

Theophilus Kobina Sarpey
"Optical characterization of femtosecond laser-induced period structures fabricated on stainless steel substrate material utilising static linearly polarised laser pulses" (2016)

Marc Schneider
"Tribological properties of laser structured ZTA/ATZ ceramics" (2015)

Clemens Kunz
"Pulsed Laser Deposition of thin films in the material system TiO2-ZnO" (2015)

Steffen Weyrauch
"Molding of laser-induced, periodic surface structures using preceramic polymers" (2015)

Markus Schilling
"Preparation of ZnO/TiO2 nanoparticles by laser vaporization" (2015)

Stephan Richard
"Technical requirements for micromachining of acousto-optical components" (2014)

Janine Reuschel
"Mechanical properties and machinability of highly dispersed zirconia and dispersion ceramics" (2014)

Jan Reimann
"Experimental and theoretical studies on the simultaneous laser peripheral welding of rotationally symmetrical plastic components using unshielded diode lasers" (2014)

Sebastian Matthes
"Influence of the process gas during selective laser melting of nickel base superalloys" (2014)

Christoph Wenisch
"The effect of optical excitation on the photocatalytic behavior of optically active glasses and semiconductors" (2014)

Caroline Tschirpke
"Influence of grain size and hydrothermal aging on the microstructural and mechanical surface properties of Y-TZP/Al2O3 ceramics dispersion" (2014)

Annemarie Tesch
"Apatite chemistry in the system Ca-Fe-P" (2013)

Anja Augustin
"Functionalization of magnetic iron oxid-silica nanoparticles using silanes with different functional end groups" (2012)

Alexander Conrad
"Preparation of transparent ceramics from tetragonal zirconia using the Field Assisted Sintering" (2012)

André Krämer
"Materials processing using a Q-switched CO2 laser" (2012)

Daniel Mitró
"Activation and mineralization of bacterial nanocellulose under hydrothermal conditions" (2012)

Guntram Wyzisk
"Preparation of sol-gel based Al2O3-ZrO2 dispersion layers" (2012)

Diploma theses

Stefan König
"Grinding ability and wear resistance of diamond wires for the processing of silicon" (2013)

Mike Scheller
"Interfacial characterization of CO2 laser drilled deep holes in steel" (2011)

Dirk Bachmann
"Laser processing of ceramics with dynamic beam splitting" (2011)

Wolfgang Hering
"Microstructuring of surfaces by means of short CO2 laser pulses and mask projection" (2011)

Johannes Häßler
"Generation of short CO2 laser pulses by a modulator cascade" (2011)

André Springer
"Ultrasound assisted grinding of high-performance ceramics" (2011)

Susanne Koburger
"Imaging of interface effects between hard and soft tissue materials for engineering functional ligaments" (2010/2011)

Ivo Zunke
"Mechanical properties of mc-Si wafers" (2010)

Stefan Flauder
"Ice-templating of a water-based Al2O3 slurry by directional solidification" (2010)

Axel Loebus
"Processing and characterization of a resorbable HAp/Gel composite for Bone TE" (2010)

Christiane Prukner
"Evaluation of osteoclast activity on precipitated CaP coatings" (2010)

Bachelor theses

Nicolas Hammerschmied
"Investigation on the influence of laser-induced periodic surface structures on the wetting behavior of NiTi shape memory alloys" (2022)

Manuel Jecke
"Synthesis and slip casting of 2Y-TZP nanoparticles" (2022)

Wiebke Makowski
"Reversible color change of nanostructured elastomer surfaces for optical strain measurement" (2022)

Raphael Klauer
"Modification of the surface of NiTi by treatment with ultrashort pulse laser" (2021)

Oliver Dubnack
"Influence of hydrophobing on the Leidenfrost temperature of structured surfaces" (2019)

Kevin Lubig
"Preparation of nanoparticle-filled polymer filaments for additive manufacturing" (2019)

Emanuel Glück
"Selective hydroxyapatite coating of titanium by fs-laser" (2018)

Michael Seifert
"Effect of doping concentration and substrate temperature on the formation of laser-induced periodic surface structures on silicon" (2017)

Lucas Schöler
"Optoelectronic properties of Nd doped apatite" (2016)

Marc Raugust
"Solvent Infrared Spectroscopy of ZrO2/Al2O3 Nanoparticles" (2016)

Nils Peukert
"Femtosecond laser-induced patterning of ceramic thin films" (2016)

Markus Fengler
"Fabrication of CuBi2O4 thin films by pulsed laser deposition" (2016)

Hagen Köhler
"Preparation of TiO2/ZnO nanoparticles by laser co-vaporization" (2016)

Sebastian Brehm
"Preparation of textile solar cells based on TiO2 coated carbon fibers" (2016)

Lysander Jankowsky
"Studies on the wetting properties of laser induced surface structures" (2016)

Wolfram Hartramph
"Bioactivation of chemically inert surfaces" (2015)

Henriette Tetzner
"ScN growth study on a Sc2O3/Y2O3 buffer for the integration of GaN on Si (111)" (2014)

Roland Wetzel
"Electrospinning of cellulose-hydroxyapatite hybrids" (2013)

Hendrik Schaffarzyk
"Sand fish inspired abrasion-resistant surfaces" (2013)

Roman Sajzew
"Polymer infiltration of ice-templated ceramics" (2013)

Juliane Krey
"Structural and mechanical characterization of red deer antlers" (2013)

Maximilian Hünger
"Studies on the photoluminescence of ZnO in the load-induced piezoelectric field" (2013)

Martin Brehl
"TiO2 coating of textile structures by PLD" (2013)

Carsten Blaeß
"Studies on the preparation of 'zirconia toughened alumina'- (ZTA-) nanoparticles by co-laser vaporization (CoLAVA) of Al2O3 and ZrO2" (2012)

Clemens Kunz
"Preparation of calcium titanate nanopowder by the CoLAVA method" (2012)

Max Blochberger
"Hydrothermal synthesis of fluorapatite" (2012)

Robin Dunkel
"Ion nitriding of stainless steel and CoCr alloys" (2012)

Annemarie Tesch
"Control of the domain orientation during ice-templating" (2011)

Andreas Erlebach
"Preparation of hydroxyapatite coatings using EDTA-assisted hydrothermal synthesis" (2011)

Isabel Elz
"Preparation of resorbable bacterial nanocellulose" (2011)

Hagen Trillhase
"Hydrothermal synthesis of hydroxyapatite whiskers" (2011)

Karl Gehre
"Preparation of bioactive BNC-hybrides" (2011)

Marcus Voitel
"Reduction of the optical band gap of TiO2 nanoparticles by cationic doping with iron ions" (2011)

Sebastian Matthes
"Drying behavior of hydroxyapatite" (2011)

Andreas Vogel
"Effects of material and processing on the surface formation of photovoltaic wafers" (2011)

Caroline Tschirpke
"Comparative investigation of the effect of ultrasound assisted grinding on the marginal zone" (2011)

André Krämer
"Oxidation behavior of CoCrMo alloys for orthopedic applications" (2010)

Sabrina Berndt
"Porous hybrids of bacterial nanocellulose and silver nanoparticles" (2010)

Anja Augustin
"Structure and mechanical properties of the cockle shell" (2010)

Daniel Mitró
"Preparation of resorbable calcium phosphate whiskers by hydrothermal synthesis" (2010)

Alexander Conrad
"Preparation of ZrO2-Al2O3 nanopowders by the CoLAVA method" (2010)

Isabel Götz
"Preparation of strontium-substituted calcium phosphates" (2010)

Andreas Sauer
"Comparative studies on the ultrasonic assisted grinding of high-performance ceramics" (2010)

Janine Reuschel
"Influence of the surface roughness of metals with different mechanical properties on the static and dynamic behavior with contact indenters" (2010)

Stephan Richard
"Studies on the active behavior of abrasive diamond wires for the cutting of silicon photovoltaic wafers" (2010)