Laser experiment in the physics lecture hall

Master study

Course of studies "Materials Science"
Laser experiment in the physics lecture hall
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

The interdisciplinary M.Sc. Materials Science program is aimed at students with a bachelor's degree in materials science/materials science, chemistry, physics and related fields. Entry is possible in the summer and winter semesters.

The 4-semester Master's program is located at the Otto Schott Institute for Materials Research and is supported by two faculties. The professorships at the institute deal with metallic materials, glass chemistry, surface and interface technology, biomaterials and composites, the mechanics of functional materials, computational materials science, as well as bioactive glasses, and offer students a wide range of electives for specification and specialization. In addition to the materials science professorships, students in Jena also benefit from the offerings of the Institute of Applied Physics (laser technology, micro- and nano-optics), the Institute of Solid State Physics (photovoltaics, superconductivity and thin film physics) and the Institute of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry de (self-healing materials, polysaccharides), among others. In addition, the Master's curriculum encourages participation in current research projects of the chairs.

Jena itself is a young, dynamic city ("Happy -Jena Edition") with a wide range of cultural and sports activities. The Studierendenwerk Thüringen operates dining halls, has a large offer of furnished shared rooms, advises on questions regarding BAföG and much more.

Career prospects​

After graduating in materials science, you can expect tasks in the field of development of new materials and products, manufacturing and quality assurance and assessment of damage cases at national and international research institutes such as Max-Planck, Leibniz, Helmholtz and Fraunhofer resp. NASA, ESA etc. and in all branches of industry (vehicle construction (automotive), aerospace, mechanical engineering, metal processing industry, chemical industry, energy and environmental technology, electrical industry, optical industry, glass and ceramics industry, medical technology, mining and metallurgy, building materials industry, paper industry, ...).

Content and structure

Materials play a key role in many applications and innovations. They form a bridge between different fields of knowledge, for example from microbiology to medicine and energy technology. Therefore, the M. Sc. Materials Science program enables you to tackle and solve complex materials problems in an interdisciplinary manner. The technical-scientific and conceptual competencies to be imparted are primarily knowledge and skills on the different classes of materials, the methods of their characterization and analysis. The aim is to promote the understanding of interrelationships of structure-property relationships and their adjustment/modification by technological processes. The diversity of materials and their applications is taken into account by the material science focus in the compulsory modules on the material classes (glass/ceramics, metals, polymers, composites), as well as by the wide range of electives, which are also the subject of current research, such as biomaterials, nanomaterials, laser materials and computational materials science.

Special features in Jena

The institutes involved in the joint degree program offer a particularly broad spectrum of research and teaching in materials science. The cooperation with the TU Ilmenau enables you to choose a specialization from this spectrum that corresponds to your interests (FSU Jena: Materials Science, TU Ilmenau: Materials Engineering). Enrollment takes place at the location of the selected specialization.


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